First, a little bit about me. I'm a freelance Producer / Engineer based in the Los Angeles area. I started in a small recording studio in Oceanside, CA, called Proxy. I worked there for a couple of years and learned a bunch (Many thanks go to George and Danny the owners). In 2003 I got a job as a runner and then an assistant engineer at Henson Recording Studios in LA and I learned a bunch more there. I went freelance in 2008 and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people since then.

Why did I decide to put this website up? Well, when I'm not working I really enjoy reading and one day I read that Kingsford Charcoal was started by Henry Ford as a way to utilize the wood scraps that were being discarded from the production of his Model T cars (this is true, check it out). That struck me as an interesting idea and I started to think about what byproducts I created when I was doing my job. Aside from a few tons of coffee grounds, the only thing I could think of was knowledge. One of my favorite things about working with music, especially as a producer and engineer, is that I learn something new every day. Sometimes it's profound, sometimes it's trivial, and sometimes it's just interesting, but there's always something. That's the goal of this website; to share knowledge with you and hopefully have you share some with me. I definitely don't know everything, and I'm not claiming to, there's about a million ways to do any one thing when it comes to recording. To me the only real rule is: if it sounds good, it is.

Thanks for visiting and reading. I hope you enjoy it!